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Includes three short, sharp shockers:

Consenting Adults

Private investigator Edward Rooney is hired to find a missing young woman… and uncovers a shocking secret.

Guardian Angel

Laura loves reading the Missed Connections messages in her local paper. Until one of the messages is aimed at her…

Kissing Games

Two schoolboys dare each other to spend a night in an abandoned psychiatric hospital, unaware that one of the former inmates is back – and that she likes young boys…

Plus, special bonus story:

Wish You Dead

What’s the worst thing you can do when your heart’s been broken? Find out in this tribute to The Monkey’s Paw.

Flaked out after a hard day’s editing. #amediting #authorsofinstagram #mainecooncat
Squid Game the Challenge is so much better than I expected. I’m on episode 8 and am so invested. I don’t want it to end! No spoilers here but the way they’ve translated these games into reality and made it just as gripping as the original drama is hugely impressive. #squidgame #netflixseries
Apologies if you ordered a Magpies collector’s set but Peggy doesn’t want me to send them.  (Don’t worry. They’ll be on their way very soon!)
Happy Halloween! Did you know that if you say Mark Edwards three times one of my books will magically appear on your Kindle*!  *you also have to go to Amazon and click ‘purchase’
I absolutely loved this movie, #talktome, which was added to Netflix UK today. Great, original #horrormovies are so rare but if you don’t count the sublime Pearl as horror (which I don’t) this is hands down the best film in its genre since last year’s Barbarian. Excellent concept, perfect pacing, some laughs and genuine scares. And it all made sense! Highly recommended to anyone looking for a top quality chiller this #halloween.

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