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Mark loves hearing from his readers and encourages them to contact him. He regularly interacts with readers on his Facebook page, where he hosts book release launch parties and lots of giveaways.

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Mark Edwards7 minutes ago
Today I'm writing while listening to the Yellowjackets soundtrack, which is my attempt to channel the sheer brilliance of that programme.
Mark Edwards16 minutes ago
This online event is going to be lots of fun! I'm helping @markhillwriter to celebrate the launch of his new book, One Bad Thing. It's FREE (the event, not the book) and you can register now using the link below.
Mark Edwards
Mark Edwards1 week ago

Trying to figure out a tricky physics problem in my new book with the help of a Chris Pratt Jurassic World doll, an elastic strap and a cardboard box.

Mark Edwards
Mark Edwards1 week ago

New book started. Chaotic desk. Can of Diet Coke, notepad, reference book, vape. Out of shot: empty lunch plate, record player, more notebooks and Peggy. Aiming for 2000 words per day with the aim of finishing the first draft just before Easter. Wish me luck!...

Mark Edwards
Mark Edwards2 weeks ago

🎉🎉Who wants to come to my virtual book launch for Her Last Holiday on 20th January? 🎉🎉

It's free, it's online and I'll be joined by special guests Mark Edwards and Claire Douglas. There will also be bookish giveaways! 📚

Mark Edwards
Mark Edwards2 weeks ago

EDIT: I've just realised this is an online event, so you'll be able to watch wherever you are, and I won't need to leave my house!

I'll be taking part in this event on Saturday Feb 5th, alongside some esteemed crime...

Mark Edwards
Mark Edwards3 weeks ago

One might be spending New Year’s Eve on the sofa, but one should still don a jacket when quaffing Champagne. Happy New Year! Good riddance to 2021 and here’s to a corking 2022!

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