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Mark Edwards8 hours ago
13 Lives, the film about the Thai cave rescue (on Prime), is gripping and highly emotional, even if you know what happened. The whole thing reminds me how amazing we humans can be. It also reminds me never to go into a cave.
Mark Edwards22 hours ago
Sad to hear about Raymond Briggs. Fungus the Bogeyman was the first book I begged my mum to buy me - I have clear memories of looking at it in my primary school playground - and When the Wind Blows traumatised me as a teenager....
Mark Edwards
Mark Edwards2 days ago

Yesterday I 'handed in' my next book to my editor. I think it's a good 'un. It's set in the UK, it's mostly three characters in a house, it has several thrilling twists you won't see coming, and it's dark with splashes of humour. It's...

Mark Edwards
Mark Edwards1 week ago

I have an article about No Place To Run's climate change theme in this week's Big Issue. I love the illustration they've put with it! (Warning - article is slightly spoilery if you haven't read NPTR yet.)

Mark Edwards
Mark Edwards2 weeks ago

I've updated my shop with my water bottles and - at last - signed copies of No Place To Run. There are only 10 of each available. Once the bottles are gone, that's it forever, and I'm not sure when I'm going to be getting...

Mark Edwards
Mark Edwards2 weeks ago

I am very excited to reveal the cover of my forthcoming novella SWEETMEAT, which will be published as a very limited edition hardcover this October (yes, in time for Halloween). The book will contain some beautiful, creepy illustrations by Karis Harrington -who did the artwork...

Mark Edwards
Mark Edwards2 weeks ago

I can't wait for this year's Capital Crime Festival in London, and I'm going to be appearing on the most amazing panel with some great writers: Will Dean, Erin Young, Chris Whitaker and Tariq Ashkanani.

My event is on Friday 30th...

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