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Mark loves hearing from his readers and encourages them to contact him. He regularly interacts with readers on his Facebook page, where he hosts book release launch parties and lots of giveaways.

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Mark Edwards16 hours ago
Still a few tickets left…
Mark Edwards20 hours ago
Readers Digest asked me to share the books that changed my life. Tartt, Herbert and @CherylStrayed plus a couple more strong recommendations
markedwardsauthor2 days ago
I am absolutely thrilled with this. Book of the week and a 5 star review in Heat Magazine. This is the kind of thing I dreamed about when I was an aspiring author. #keephersecret #bookstagram @heatworld
markedwardsauthor2 days ago
A beautiful day in #newyork yesterday. Glorious sunshine in Central Park, which is one of my favourite places on earth. Back at the #thrillerfest2023 hotel I found my award-nominated novel in the book room.
markedwardsauthor3 days ago
We call it ‘living the life’. I celebrated publication day with drinks - and an enormous quantity of chips and cheese - at the Bookmarks rooftop bar with @claremackwrites @laradearman and @lwhitehouse5. Am slightly worried about how my liver is going to survive this week! #authorlife #newyorklife
markedwardsauthor4 days ago
It’s publication day for Keep Her Secret! Out now as a Kindle book (just £1.99/$3.99), paperback and audiobook. We’re back in the UK with a psychological thriller about a couple with a dark, dark secret. Just search Amazon to find it. And my FB launch party is at 8pm UK time today.

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