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Only 11 available! I have a very limited number of signed copies of Keep Her Secret, which I will also dedicate to whoever you want, making it a perfect Christmas present. And as it's Christmas, I'll throw in a free KHS pen complete with torch! This is UK only so I can ensure they reach before the 25th. Hurry before they all go. (Once gone, I'm not going to restock.)

Had a wonderful (Christmas) time at @itsthebookparty last night. Met loads of lovely readers and posed for lots of selfies but failed to take more than a couple of pictures myself, inc one with @susijholliday whose The Party Season is out now and is a brilliant Christmas crime cracker. Thank you to... the organisers and to everyone who came last night. PS I got married in this room so it was lovely to go back.

Apologies if you ordered a Magpies collector’s set but Peggy doesn’t want me to send them.

(Don’t worry. They’ll be on their way very soon!)

A quick reminder that the Magpies Sequels half-price offer ends tonight at midnight. After that they will go back up to full price. All orders will be despatched later this week after the offer closes. Get 'em here!

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First in an occasional series about books that have influenced and inspired me: A Simple Plan by Scott Smith.

Three men find a suitcase full of money hidden inside a plane that has crashed deep in the woods. Their plan: wait and see if anyone comes looking for it before dividing it up. ...And don’t tell anyone…

It’s a masterpiece. The characters make mistake after mistake. Trust crumbles. Greed triumphs. And everything goes horribly wrong.

Smith is a genius storyteller who has only written one other novel, The Ruins, which is just as gripping as this one but not quite as classy. A Simple Plan was also made into a film with Bill Paxton which is good but the book is better.

A hugely entertaining read and a masterclass for aspiring thriller writers.

This weekend only, The Magpies Sequels are half price! This limited edition, signed and numbered paperback is available either as part of the collector's set - which comes with a Magpies print, pen, bookmark and postcard - or on its own. The offer ends on Monday 20th or when I sell out, ...whichever happens first.

A lovely Christmas present for the book lover in your life!

Help me name this dog! There’s a female cockapoo in my next book and I am struggling to come up with a name for her. The owner, my main character, is a big music fan (his son is named Dylan) so it’s likely he would have named his dog after a rock star or band or something else to do with music.... I can’t go with Lana because I’ve used that name before and there’s already a cat in this book called Karma (after the Taylor Swift song).

As you might remember, Chesney - the cat in The Retreat - was named here on my page so I will definitely use my favourite suggestion and I’ll credit you in the acknowledgements.

Career highlights come in many forms and this might be the least expected yet. This is the Hatchards Christmas tree at St Pancras. And if you look really closely - see pic 2 - you might spot The Magpies among the books! (I’ve added an arrow to make it easier.) Huge thanks to fabulous fellow @bethmorrey for the spot and the pictures.

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Are you a member of a book club or group? I’ve put together sets of questions for my novels which will help you discuss them with your group. This is a work in progress and each book will be added over time.

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Flaked out after a hard day’s editing. #amediting #authorsofinstagram #mainecooncat
Squid Game the Challenge is so much better than I expected. I’m on episode 8 and am so invested. I don’t want it to end! No spoilers here but the way they’ve translated these games into reality and made it just as gripping as the original drama is hugely impressive. #squidgame #netflixseries
Apologies if you ordered a Magpies collector’s set but Peggy doesn’t want me to send them.  (Don’t worry. They’ll be on their way very soon!)
Happy Halloween! Did you know that if you say Mark Edwards three times one of my books will magically appear on your Kindle*!  *you also have to go to Amazon and click ‘purchase’
I absolutely loved this movie, #talktome, which was added to Netflix UK today. Great, original #horrormovies are so rare but if you don’t count the sublime Pearl as horror (which I don’t) this is hands down the best film in its genre since last year’s Barbarian. Excellent concept, perfect pacing, some laughs and genuine scares. And it all made sense! Highly recommended to anyone looking for a top quality chiller this #halloween.

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