It’s party time! Last of the Magpies launch party

It’s party time! Last of the Magpies launch party

It’s almost time to say goodbye to Jamie, Kirsty and Lucy, the three central characters from The Magpies.

Next Tuesday, April 30th, Last of the Magpies, the final part of the trilogy that started with The Magpies and continued with A Murder of Magpies, will be published. The Magpies was my first solo novel and it was the book that allowed me to fulfil my dream of being a full-time author, so writing the ending of this story was an emotional experience. Thankfully,  the advance reviews have been great. Last of the Magpies answers all the questions that were posed in the first two books and I think everyone will find the ending satisfying.

Keeping with tradition, I’ll be hosting a live launch party on Facebook, starting at 8pm UK time on Tuesday 30th April (See your local time here if you’re not in the UK)

There will be an exciting prize draw, I’ll be answering your questions, talking about The Magpies trilogy and sharing details about my next book. Follow this link for more details and please click ‘Going’ to let me know you can make it, and so Facebook notifies you before the event starts.

Last of the Magpies launch party

I’ll be in touch again on Tuesday with a reminder. In the meantime, happy reading and I hope to see you at the party!


Last of the Magpies is available as a Kindle ebook and audiobook. If you don’t have a Kindle you can easily get the Kindle app on your phone or tablet. Last of the Magpies is another novella and has a low price to reflect that.

You can pre-order it here.

It’s here, the big reveal!  The cover for Last of the Magpies

It’s here, the big reveal! The cover for Last of the Magpies

I’m thrilled to reveal the cover of Last of the Magpies, which will be published on 30 April. It’s not long to wait now. . .

Where is Lucy? Can Kirsty forgive Jamie? Who will survive the final showdown? All will be revealed in the final part of the Magpies trilogy.

“Twelve months ago, Jamie Knight walked straight into Lucy Newton’s trap. Both Jamie and his ex-wife Kirsty barely survived. Now, with the police investigation into Lucy’s disappearance going nowhere, Jamie teams up with a true crime podcaster to track down his nemesis.

But can Jamie persuade Kirsty to help? Can Kirsty forgive him for his past mistakes? And who, if anyone, will survive the final showdown? Featuring extracts from Lucy’s secret memoir, Last of the Magpies brings the trilogy to a shocking conclusion.”

The wait is almost over – It’s the final Magpies book!

The wait is almost over – It’s the final Magpies book!

She’s back…for the final time.

I’m excited to reveal that the third, climactic part of The Magpies will be published on April 30th. It’s called LAST OF THE MAGPIES and will feature the final showdown between Jamie, Kirsty and Lucy, as well as excerpts from Lucy’s unseen memoir, which reveals her origins, how she met Chris and what was really going on in their basement flat…

LAST OF THE MAGPIES will be available as an ebook and audiobook, and I’m waiting to hear if it (and A Murder of Magpies) will also be a paperback. It’s another short one – about a third of the length of a standard novel – but it’s perfectly formed!

Full blurb and cover reveal coming soon.

Who’s excited?

The Magpies Sequel is Coming Soon!

The Magpies Sequel is Coming Soon!

Exciting news for anyone who enjoyed The Magpies – the sequel, A Murder of Magpies, will be published on 27 February 2018.

Here’s the blurb:

Five years ago, Jamie Knight lost everything: his home, his wife, their unborn child. But at least the woman responsible, ‘dark angel’ Lucy Newton, was in prison and, slowly, Jamie was able to rebuild his life.

But then Lucy is freed on appeal, and Jamie receives a message from a desperate stranger. Lucy is up to her old tricks – ruining lives for fun.

Jamie agrees to help. But once again, he has no idea what he is getting himself into…

A Murder of Magpies is a novella, approximately 24,000 words long, which means it’s about one-third the length of a full novel. It will be exclusive to Kindle and available in Amazon stores worldwide.

I had enormous fun writing this book and I think it captures the mood and tone of the original so that fans of The Magpies will love it. It was surprising how easy it was to get back into Jamie’s head five years after I wrote the original book. But, most of all, it gave me a delicious shiver of pleasure to bring Lucy Newton back. And in this book, she’s scarier and more despicable than ever…

Please keep an eye on my Facebook page for giveaways, including advance review copies, in the near future. I’ll also be tweeting about it and posting on Instagram.

I can’t wait for you to get reacquainted with Jamie, Kirsty and – most of all – Lucy.

Coming September: The Devil’s Work

Coming September: The Devil’s Work

5372341184_3eea41279a_bMark Edwards’s fifth solo psychological thriller will be published by Thomas & Mercer in September 2016. Entitled The Devil’s Work, this book takes Mark’s familiar theme – of terrifying things happening to ordinary people – and places it in an office environment. Mark is putting the finishing touches to the novel now.

In The Devil’s Work, Sophie Greenwood, a thirty-four year old stay-at-home mum, returns to work after a four year break, landing her dream job at a children’s publishing company. But soon Sophie wonders if one of her colleagues is out to get her. After her best friend in the office is brutally attacked, Sophie becomes increasingly convinced that there are sinister goings-on behind the scenes of the company – and that she and her family are in terrible danger.

The Devil’s Work will be available as a Kindle ebook, in paperback and audiobook. It will be available on Amazon sites worldwide this September. To keep up to date with release dates, you might want to join Mark’s newsletter.

Mark Edwards Total Book Sales Reach One Million

Mark Edwards Total Book Sales Reach One Million

Mark Edwards

Mark Edwards

Mark Edwards is this week celebrating reaching the milestone of selling one million books.

In a blog post on this site, Mark writes, “When my wife bought me a Kindle for my 40th birthday  I had no idea that it would lead to the rebirth of my abandoned writing career. I certainly had no inkling that I would be sitting here, almost exactly five years later, having sold one million books.”

The one million total includes approximately 250,000 books co-written with Louise Voss, and is made up of a mix of traditionally-published books and self-published titles. The biggest individual seller is The Magpies, which has shifted 350,000 copies alone. Follow You Home, published in June 2015, is currently in second place having already sold 175,000 copies.

Mark spent most of his twenties and early thirties trying to ‘make it’ as an author, acquiring an agent but unable to get a deal. In 2011, he and Louise self-published Killing Cupid and Catch Your Death, topping the UK Kindle chart. This led to a deal with HarperCollins and a number of deals around the world, including Germany, South Korea and Brazil.

In 2013, following a difficult period, Mark self-published The Magpies. It was a No.1 bestseller in the UK and led to a deal with Thomas & Mercer. Since then, Because She Loves Me was also a No.1 UK bestseller and Follow You Home recently reached the top three on Amazon in the United States.

The success of these books has, according to Mark, “allowed me to become a full-time author, supporting my family and doing what I’ve always wanted to do: earning a living by spending my time making up stories.”

To celebrate reaching this milestone, Mark is giving away a complete set of signed books to one member of his Readers Club. Full details here.

Read Mark’s full blog post here.

Mark’s next book is The Blissfully Dead, co-written with Louise Voss, which is published worldwide on 29 September.

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