Book Club Questions: What You Wish For

Has your book club read What You Wish For, my novel about a missing girlfriend, cults and unusual beliefs? Would you like to suggest it to them?

I’ve pulled together a list of questions and possible discussion points that might help you. If you can think of any more great questions, please leave a comment – or let me know what your book group thought of my novel.



Do not read these questions if you haven’t already read What You Wish For because they contain major spoilers regarding the plot and the characters, including the ending.


Do you believe in aliens and UFOs? If so why? What do you believe is out there if anything?


Do you believe the government and organisations are monitoring us through social media and computers? How do you feel about this? What information do you think they may be gathering?


Why do you think Marie didn’t tell Richard that her mum, Kate, lived so nearby? Why do you think Marie didn’t introduce Kate to Richard?


When Richard finds an intruder in his house he pursues him with his colleague Simon? Was he wise to do this? Would you have done the same thing? If so, why?


How far would you have gone to find Marie if you were in Richard’s shoes? Would you have tracked down people linked to her and flown to America?


This book is a slightly different genre to Mark’s usual books. How did you find the sci-fi/aliens/UFO theme? Do you think it was an effective subject matter considering the plot of the book?


When Richard goes to America to search for Marie he discovers a cult, The Loved Ones? What do you know about cults? How do you think they go about recruiting people? Who do they target and how do they get them to sign over their property and possessions?


A theme of the book is missing people; Marie, Cherry and later Samantha. What effect do you think it would have on family and friends left behind never knowing what happened or why? Why do you think people might choose to just disappear?


What do you think happened to Marie? Did she jump off the cliff at Beachy Head? Do you think she ran away with Andrew? Or, do you think she was taken by the Chorus?


Do you have any strong beliefs or passions? What are they and why do you feel so strongly about them?