Book Club Questions: The Lucky Ones

Has your book club read The Lucky Ones, my novel about a serial killer who is desperate to make sure his victims find happiness? Would you like to suggest it to them? I’ve pulled together a list of questions and possible discussion points that might help you. If you can think of any more great questions, please leave a comment – or let me know what your book group thought of my novel.   SPOILER ALERT: Do not read these questions if you haven’t already read The Lucky Ones because they contain major spoilers regarding the plot and the characters, including the ending.


In the story, Ben’s son Ollie is bullied by two boys he goes to school with Jake and Aaron. What would you have done if you were being bullied like Ollie? Would you have told your parents? Have you ever been bullied? How did it/might it affect you?


The book deals with noisy neighbours – Ross and Shelley, and their dog Pixie. Have you ever had noisy neighbours? How did you deal with it? Do you think there should be better laws protecting residents in this situation?


How did you feel when you read about Ross and Shelley’s dog Pixie being debarked? How would you have tackled the barking dog?


Ben dives in the river to save the man (The Viper) after jumping off Iron Bridge and Ollie stands between a gunman and his grandmother. Both are very brave. How would you have reacted in these instances? Were they right to save others?


Imogen’s lunch is poisoned by an intruder. She ends up giving her lunch to her colleague DC Alan Hatton who eats it and later dies. How would you feel knowing you were the target of the poisoning? How would you feel/react after hearing about his death?


Ben and Megan are divorced after she has an affair with TV personality Michael Stone (Annette). Was Ben right to move back to his hometown with Ollie? How would you have felt hearing about Michael’s murder after Megan and his affair?


The Viper wants his victims to be happy when he kills them. Why do you think he chose the victims he did Danni/Nathan/Fiona? Why do you think he kept items of theirs ‘Lucky Charms’ and put them in The Museum of Lost Things, where they were on display to the public and police?


Ollie creates an Amazon wish list from which he is bought a Nintendo DS. How do you feel about wish lists where strangers can potentially buy gifts for people?


In the story, 11-year-old Ollie has a mobile phone. Do you think this is too young to have a phone? What age do you think is appropriate for children to have phones? Do you have children, if so at what age would you/did you allow it?


The story tells the story from different character’s perspective, Ben/Imogen/Megan/Michael/Ollie/The Viper. Is this an effective way of telling a story? If so, why?


Do you have a happy place? If so, where is it and why does it mean so much to you?