Win a Complete Set of Mark Edwards Books

Mark Edwards booksTo celebrate selling his millionth book, Mark is giving away a complete set of paperbacks to one lucky reader.

All ten books will be signed by Mark. The set includes the forthcoming DI Lennon novel, The Blissfully Dead, along with all of Mark’s previous titles. The competition is open worldwide and is open exclusively to recipientsĀ of Mark’sĀ email newsletter.

If you are already on Mark’s email list, or the Voss & Edwards list, you will automatically receive an email on Friday September 11th with details of how to enter the draw.

To join the list before then, click here and fill out your details. If you’re not sure if you’ve already signed up, you can check by completing the form and you will be told if you’re already a member.

Here’s the full list of books included in the draw:

The Blissfully Dead
Follow You Home
From the Cradle
Because She Loves Me
What You Wish For
Forward Slash
The Magpies
All Fall Down
Killing Cupid
Catch Your Death

Read Mark’s blog post about selling his millionth book


  1. Hugest Congratulations and we’ll deserved! For the first time in over 20 years I had to stay up all night to finish a book in one read!!!!! You are incredible!
    Here’s looking forward to the 5 million mark Mark!! Xxx

  2. Dificult to say witch of Mark’s book is the best. Lots of suspense and great plots, love them

  3. I love your books.

  4. Many congratulations to you Mark! I have enjoyed your books immensely and find them totally gripping and causing lack of sleep to finish them!
    Hope we many more stories to look forward to.
    All the best and hope you have fun celebrating your success!

  5. Congratulations on your millionth book Mark. I am lucky as my wife has just introduced me to your books, I have so many to look forward to.

  6. Fabulous author.

  7. I just discovered your books this week, and am on my fourth one since Tuesday. Cheers to your success from across the pond!

  8. Congratulations!!! I found you via Kindle as a recommended author because I love the mystery/suspense/horror genres. Looking forward to reading EVERYTHING.
    BTW pretty cool how you offer the short stories to introduce new readers to your work.

  9. It’s great that you and my other favourite author, Angela Marson are both from the West Midlands. I ha d just read Follow You Home, The Magpies and Because She Loves Me. I am excited to choose which I will read next and worry I will run out of books of yours to read!! Congratulations on so many clever stories.

  10. Mark, you are my new favorite author. I just ordered your latest book and can’t wait to start listening. Congrats. on the continuing success.

  11. Just finished The Devil’s Work. Another book well written. You continue to inspire me to go for it. Congratulations on 1 million books sold. May God continue to bless.

  12. I am yet to read any of the books co-written with Louise Voss but I’m currently addicted to Follow you Home which will complete the series of books solo written by Mark. What an Author!!! The ability to paint such a vivid picture and make his characters so relatable to in such a realistic way is so rare and to also make such addictive reading whilst keeping that realism is fast making him my favourite author of the moment. Keep up the good work.



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