Here’s some Dead Good awards news. . .

Fantastic news! Thanks to you, my lovely readers, Last of the Magpies has made it through to the final round in the Dead Good Reader Awards in the Most Elusive Villains.

If you’ve read The Magpies and the two sequels A Murder of Magpies and Last of the Magpies you will be familiar with Lucy Newton and all of her evil antics.

I’d love Lucy (and me!) to win this award so it would great if you could keep on voting – I need your votes one more time…


Click here to vote Dead Good Reader Awards

Thank you!


  1. Are these out in paperback?. Read on kindle but love real books and will lend to friends and reread.

    • Hi there, only The Magpies is available in paperback. A Murder of Magpies and Last of the Magpies are available on kindle and audiobook.


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