Celebrations as 50,000 copies of Here To Stay sold!

My publisher sent this picture!

There’s good news to announce and it’s definitely celebration time here at Edwards Towers.

Thank you to everyone who has bought Here To Stay so far. To date 50,000 copies have been sold in under a month!

For anyone who hasn’t yet bought it, it’s a tale about the chilling consequences of welcoming strangers into your home and the in-laws from hell.

Here are some of the reviews from readers:

“It has the twists, the turns and the emotion that every psychological thriller NEEDS to have to be successful.” – Lucii Dixon, Southampton, UK

“The tension I felt reading this was insane. At some points I even got physically anxious and had to keep reading just to calm my nerves.” – Joe Hunt, Worcestershire, UK

“I was hooked on this book from page one and couldn’t put it down until I finished, Another great read from Mark Edwards.” – Yvonne Doney, New South Wales, Australia

“This book takes you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions while reading it…happy, sad, maddening, frustration, and downright angry.” – Leila Rae-Bush, Georgia, USA

“Fantastic story! A week spun tale with plenty of twists and right as you have figured it out, you have nothing. . .” David Alspector, Las Vegas, USA

If you’ve not yet read it, it’s available from Amazon.


  1. Congrats! You deserve it. You’re a great author and I’ve enjoyed reading all of your books immensely. I look forward to a long time reading your writing as I have Stephen King’s.

  2. Your books make me laugh. Those parents were so crazy. I was sorry when they died. You are a fabulous author. One of my favorites

  3. I haven’t traded Here to stay yet. I am really looking forward to it. I just finished reading The Retreat it was so spell binding I found I couldn’t put it down the way you rite is truly specifically . The twist and turns keep me glue to just to truly find out what really was happening. The ending was not at all what I was thinking. Excellent writing really looking forward to reading Here to stay. I think I just found myself a new favorite Author. Sincerely z!sry Bussino

  4. Just finished the book! It was a riveting!


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